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Dressage Dreaming Now Available at Walmart.com

April 30, 2020

Great news everyone! Dressage Dreaming is now available at Walmart. Here’s the link to buy online.

Can’t get to WalMart? Here are other buy options.

Want to check out the other Horses Heal Hearts books? Racing Towards Love and Lionel’s Leap of Faith are books two and three in the Horses Heal Hearts series. Did you know each of my books focuses on a specific equine discipline? Find out all about dressage.

My Books Are Now Available on Equivont

April 9, 2020

I am so excited to announce that all three of the books in my Horses Heal Hearts seriesDressage Dreaming, Racing Toward Love, and Lionel’s Leap of Faith – are now listed on Equivont!

Equivont is an online shop with a huge range of new and used products (“your home for everything horse!”), and I am thrilled to now be a part of this rapidly growing community too.

Check out any of my books on Equivont.

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